Welcome To Dogs Abuse

This is a website designed to help with the awareness of dog abuse and how to stop it.

We hope that you will enjoy this site and that it will be informative for you and your friends. Dogs have been man best friends forever it seems and we owe it to them to protect them from anything that may harm them.

Unfortunately dogs are not always treated and cared for as they should be, it is our responsibility to care and protect them as owners and report any signs of abuse that we may suspect is happening.

Here you will learn about the signs of dog abuse and what you should do.

There are contacts on this site that you can get in touch with if you suspect that there is any abuse taking place.

Join the team in protecting and supporting mans best friend.

Cruelty To Animals

Cruelty to dogs and animals is the care and treatment of an animal that causes unnecessary, unwarranted harm or suffering to the animal.

Cruelty enforcement and laws vary from place to place as does the definition of what is considered cruelty and abuse. In some places it can be practically non existent and other places laws can be very strict.

There are different opinions as to whether it is considered abuse when it comes to using dogs and animals for furs, medical research and testing. Many people consider this a moral issue.

There are different types of cruelty, there is abuse that is done willingly and knowingly, a deliberate act. Then there is neglect, where the animal is not deliberately hurt or abused but because of lack of care, considered a form of abuse.

In some cases people who are cruel to animals will also practice the same types of cruelty on other people.

In some countries dogs are used for food and sacrifices, there are different morals that can come into play here when it comes to determining what is cruel and what is not.