How To Help

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Recognizing the Signs

To recognize the signs of an abused animal or dog is not always easy. There are some signs that are so visable that they cannot be missed. Signs to look for are lots of times right from the owner themselves. The behaviour of the owner and the dog will sometimes show that something is wrong. A dog that acts scared and cowers allot may be suspicious. Not all dogs that are being abused show visual signs, they may sustain injuries inside. Look for lameness, cuts, bruises, or a dog that has a hard time moving around easily. More ovvious signs may be open wounds, underweight, and severe injuries. Also keep in mind that dogs may be harmed from improper use of a dog fence. Read invisible dog fence reviews to make sure the correct fence is being used and is set up properly.

What To Do

People can do some horrible things to animals. The more educated we are in animal abuse the better so we can recognize the signs of an animal being abused. The behaviour of the dog and the owner and family members can be a clue as to whether they are abusing the animal or not. There are some types of abuse that are obvious and others that are suspicious and may not be easy to determine. Everyone has a responsiblity to report or get involved if you suspect an animal is being abused. Abuse can be intentional but sometimes it is not. Some people will take an abused dog in and try to help them, others will report a suspected abuse situation. No matter what you decide to do, the important thing is not to ignore the fact that you suspect a dog or animal is being abused.

How To Help The Abused

You can help an abused dog by first getting involved and reporting the incident or your suspicion to authorities. Sometimes it is possible to step in and take the dog from the scene of abuse. If this is possible and there is no danger to you then you can then see that the dog gets the proper medical attention he needs and then report it too authorities. There are other ways to get involved as well, you can volunteer to some of your local shelters and vet hospitals. There are many things we can do to help abused dogs, ask your local authorities what is in your area and what you can do to help. The dogs and animals will love you for it. 

When you suspect a dog or animal is being abused do the following:

  1. Evaluate the situation 
  2. Know the signs of abuse and neglect
  3. Report your suspicions
  4. Understand the rights and law in your area
  5. Help to prevent abuse